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A game became an official language to solve strategic conflicts. If communiction doesn´t reach anybody you have to start a game in life. GAME is decribed as followed by Wiki Pedia: a game is the collectivity of all rules, which describes the game. This collectivity includes: – number of takers – score, position and clarity […]

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Use Your Powerless Position

YES, if you go for change and enter a new stage in life, you know up-front that you will take over the most powerless position right now. You feel like a beginner, like entering the chess board for the first time, and YES: you do. Others, who arrived way before you are now more experienced […]

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Find YOUR Game and PLAY

DECISION MAKING in Chaos is about finding the Right STRATEGY! Strategy is about your next move. Exchange the word strategy with the word GAME. And ….you´re “in”! LESSONS LEARNED – rules to obey when playing: “It´s about the game, not about the money.” (from the movie: Wallstreet 2) “I protect my investments.” (from the movie: […]

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Decision Making and The Quality Factor

Again I am checking the German wikipedia for you because you are able to check the English wíkipedia anyway on your own – My service for you here is translating our European stuff, so pls. feel free to compare both wiki-articles if you want to learn something about different thinking due to different cultures. It´s […]

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Leadership in Chaos (15) – Your Prognosis –

SUCCESS is the sum of CORRECT decisions I was reading this ad-message of a German banking. This headline stopped me from turning pages. The big picture below showed a male hand moving a chess figure on a chess board. It was in a magazine from 2003. I ripped it off, folded and kept it. The […]

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Leadership in Chaos (13) – Strategy –

Like in chess – a game which is tracing a long-term play goal BTW – the essential thing is the positioning of each figure. This has an influence on its evaluation. Chess is about each single “position evaluation”. Fact. Now here´s the news about You and Your position in chaos: You are the N° 1. […]

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From Chaos to Process, 2nd step:

A process is a development, a course for action. Now that you´re into chaos, willing to set-up a process, underlined by structure, you need a certain point “to go to”. Either, the next point in life or the end-point, the final goal. You can set-up your dots now, your milestones, if you know where to […]

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