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NEVER Keep It Simple!

We are on our way out of chaos! That´s the good news. Change permanently challenges us and chaos is comparable to an unstable architecture. We know the economic rule: “try to reach with a minimum effort a maximum of result.” There´s the sales and life rule: “keep it simple” –> means: reduce complexity to gain […]

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Mistakes: why or how do they happen?

A mistake was defined for years as   –>  a deviation or abberance on the basis of an existing condition or process, which includes tasks to fulfill. Means: if you have to fulfill certain tasks to get a result, and you miss one, a mistake occurs. In the meantime a mistake is defined as:  a characteristic value […]

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Big Bang

One of my topics is about: “how did everything start?” When something in the beginning of a creation goes wrong and we all try and fail and try again to get better but – say: how will you understand its cause when you can not look inside? Therefore, you need tools. Science is taking things apart or crashing it […]

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