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The Prince, Universal Laws and Modern Structure

“The Prince” by Machiavelli (1469 – 1527) mostly taught me that anyone who wants to stay or rest stable on a higher or even very high position (socially) needs to grow into it. Means: walk up there slowly beginning from the ground and MAKE FRIENDS on your way. Those friends will keep you up there! […]

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How To Build Your Universal Belief System

This is about ideas in chaos situations: Your challenge is to find your own belief system for movement in life It´s like building slowly your motivational thought-structure, a stable construction in your mind. 1. RULE: never give up and don´t take negative things personally. 2. RULE: study universal laws. How can you start? FIRST: define […]

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1 Secret Idea For Decision Making: Universal Laws & Belief

Johannes Kepler (*1571 – 1630) ….thought about the world view via connecting the planets with the sun in a system which was in steady movement with each other. Distant effect and harmony was his belief credo. And then he put it out into the world. It survived. The Rule of Law is a concept which […]

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Chaos – Luck – and: who´s God, please?

I love the universe. And its universal laws. Traveled quite a lot within to be able to explain it, a little. Chaos = uncoordinated complexity AND: lack of information. LUCK = an excuse for lack of information – yes! If it isn´t or it wasn´t God, it must be: Mother Nature. So mother Nature could […]

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